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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
In this case my monthly payment will be like $3 more a month. I have paid a little less than a year on the mower on a 48 month 0% loan with no money down. So all said and done I will be getting a new mower with exactly the options I want for the same monthly payment I already pay and 1 extra year of payments (instead of 3 years left I will be starting over at 4 years).
But an extra year of warranty now too.

Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro
$7300 trade in

$9303 sale price after 20% fleet discount
$9861 with 6% tax
$1771 to pay off the current machine
$232 in a 2% fee for financing at 0%
$125 processing fee

= $11989 / 48 = $249.77
That's what threw me off. I thought that you only owed that amount when I read it. I thought that you had either paid cash or put a huge down payment on it, then I see where you said no down payment etc. I got ya now.
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