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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
My compost covering from last Falls' dormant seeding, didn't even wash, let alone blow away... Is that hydromulch 'shredded cardboard'??? that stuff is worse than useless if it ever dries out, in that it becomes hydro-phobic as badly as spahgnum moss when dry...
I can tell you don't know what hydro mulch is

There are 3 different kinds
None I seen and used or has cardboard in it, Paper , Slick paper, Wood Fiber

Hydro seeding isn't best thing to do when temps are cool. Its was a USDA thing bare dirt had to be cover with Hydro mulch No straw and No Compost

I had Straw covered lawns I did last fall and they are green and didn't wash or blow away. So what's your point.

I like hear some info about yourself
How many New Lawns do you install each year?
What is the biggest lawn you installed?
You have any photos Before and after?

Here pic of my one of mine I did this spring 14 days after The pic is of the back lawn I took it when, I was fixing the lawn next door, of a water problem.
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