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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
I can't speak for the OP's lawn he's asking about, but the one I looked at today wasn't "just grass". Every single bed had "grass" to your waist and thorny weeds chest-high. The lawn was pretty bad, but it was really the easy part.

Go cut your "grass" - Have at it. I have better things to do than bust my a$$ (and potentially my equipment) for slightly more than regular price. That's just stupid and honestly, it's pretty much like lowballing. If everyone stopped catering to these lazy slobs by mowing for just a few dollars more, maybe they'd be more inclined to maintain their property. Screw that guy. He should be happy to pay $225 - it's still less than he's looking at in fines if he doesn't have it cut.

No matter. I didn't want it - I didn't get it. Some other fool can do it.

Not sure what your problem is with my post, but if you're gona quote me, then quote all of what I said in my posts. I sure as heck never said to do it for "just a little more" than regular price. I just don't see making a big deal out of having to do a little extra work as long as you can get paid for it. Not every job is gonna be the way we like. If a guy is in this business to make a living, he better learn to take the good with the bad, and/or how to make a bad situation better. The OP's asked about 1' grass, not waist to chest high crap like you are bringing into the thread with your post. My post were in responce to the OP's, and I stand by them.
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