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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
I can't speak for the OP's lawn he's asking about, but the one I looked at today wasn't "just grass". Every single bed had "grass" to your waist and thorny weeds chest-high. The lawn was pretty bad, but it was really the easy part.

Go cut your "grass" - Have at it. I have better things to do than bust my a$$ (and potentially my equipment) for slightly more than regular price. That's just stupid and honestly, it's pretty much like lowballing. If everyone stopped catering to these lazy slobs by mowing for just a few dollars more, maybe they'd be more inclined to maintain their property. Screw that guy. He should be happy to pay $225 - it's still less than he's looking at in fines if he doesn't have it cut.

No matter. I didn't want it - I didn't get it. Some other fool can do it.

I just shake my head at the guys who mow this crap for pennies. I was at the dealer the other day and met a guy and he was telling me what he was looking for. I told him I had turned down 20 yards like that this year. He gave me his number and I plugged it in my phone. Every phone call I get from a person who hasn't been cut this year will get passed his number. He doesn't "gouge" people either. I apparently gouge people because I feel I should get paid for my time. The $30 weekly cuts I do don't complain about getting gouged when I am in and out in 15 minutes. In fact, I pick up the neighbors and now do 4 $30 cuts in one hour and don't move the truck. Why should I not get paid more to walk the yard and look for landmines?

Something else, the people around here who are just now calling to get cut are doing so because they got a letter from the city. The city ordinance is get it cut within a week of getting the letter and the fine is $100 a day.

So knowing the fine is at minimum $100 why would anyone charge $20 to waste an hour cutting one property? I'm not a charity organization.
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