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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
Meh. None of this is worth getting upset over.

I just saw several flippant comments about it being "just grass" and tones that suggested that charging several weeks worth of cuts was simply "too much". I have no problem with charging more. I just don't automatically pass work because the grass is long like several posts suggested to do.
I don't feel it's too much. Slobs should not be rewarded for taking their good old time getting the grass cut. Pay up.
For me, it's personal since I'm watching my own neighborhood go this way.

Some customers will pay and some will not. I roll the dice and toss out a large figure. If they take it, I'm paid for my efforts. If not, I just carry on with my regular lawns without missing a beat.
I hear all that, and I'm with ya there. It seems my neighborhood is heading that way too.

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