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Originally Posted by jk&lm View Post
I have a new potential customer who has not mowed his lawn for 3 weeks its about a foot tall. He says it take him about 30 mins to push mow when its not that high. What would you charge? It can only be mowed with a small push mower.
Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
I can't speak for the OP's lawn he's asking about, but the one I looked at today wasn't "just grass". Every single bed had "grass" to your waist and thorny weeds chest-high. The lawn was pretty bad, but it was really the easy part.

Go cut your "grass" - Have at it. I have better things to do than bust my a$$ (and potentially my equipment) for slightly more than regular price. That's just stupid and honestly, it's pretty much like lowballing. If everyone stopped catering to these lazy slobs by mowing for just a few dollars more, maybe they'd be more inclined to maintain their property. Screw that guy. He should be happy to pay $225 - it's still less than he's looking at in fines if he doesn't have it cut.

No matter. I didn't want it - I didn't get it. Some other fool can do it.

30 minutes for a homeowner to normaly mow a yard with a homeowner model mower. At 3 times the normal height should be doable in one hour with a decent commercial mower. 100 + 20 for dump fees = 120. Considering that green waste goes in the 90 gallon bins that every house has, it doesn't cost me anything, it just gets distributed through out my route.

Im not sure what cutting for pennies is to you, but that sounds like an opportunity to make 100 bucks for an hours worth of work after you pay for gas and equipment depreciation.

Its slightly neglected grass, not some Jumanji yard you need armor and a brush cutter for.

3 weeks of growth is a "first cut"
Those flowers from super Mario Bros that spit fireballs at you and thorns waist high is a "serious clean up"
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