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Most mowers handle wet clippings about the same, and that is not very well. The best thing you can do is to minimize the buildup of clippings inside of the deck.

1: Cut at the lowest RPM that you can get away with. This works very well for me and always has on a multitude of different mowers from a Dixie Chopper with a 60" deck down to 36" walkbehinds of various manufacturers. The reason this helps is it doesn't force the clippings to slam into the sides of the deck at high speed. Most mowers have blade tip speeds at close to 200 MPH. My Dixie has a BTS of over 220 MPH when wound up to the factory RPM limit of 3750. When I lower the RPM the BTS can get down to around 150-160 MPH and the grass tends not to stick as much.

2: Keep the deck as clean as possible and remove anything that grass may stick to if possible. Bolt heads, flanges and other protrusions are just places for grass to get hung up on. Once a little grass hangs to something. it's just like a magnet. It attracts other grass and before you know it, the deck is clogged up with clippings.

3: Use a chemical deck coating. Whether it's Pam, silicon spray or one of the commercially available anti-stick sprays, use them liberally.

4: Use low lift blades. This is the same principal as lowering the RPM. Low lift blades don't throw the grass clippings to the side of the deck nearly as hard as high lift blades.

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