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Smallaxe- On Tuesday I had a customer that would have absolutely loved your topdressing method. I spread 3 yards of super-screened compost across his front & side yard. Two out of 3 were spread before he left for lunch. Anyway I got a call from him later that day suggesting that it wasn't as thick as he thought it'd be. This fella's a great guy & all but wanted to see it thick over the turf. When i'm running the Eco I'll have the volume discharge 1/2 open so less material hits the spinner & slings into the rootzone better. I come back that same evening to investigate & go thru the benefits of powdery compost & how we don't want it laying on top of the grass etc. What made him happy was when I grabbed a shovel and wheelbarrow & slung it across those "thin" areas. It's funny how thick one single shovel scoop looked across the same spot that I may have spread a five gallon buckets worth thru the machine. Was interesting nonetheless.
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