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Originally Posted by dchance View Post
OK I posted about the Big Dog vs Bob Cat but I have expanded some. here is what I am looking at getting. I absolutely have NO idea which way I am leaning.

Bigger mowers, would love and can afford, but not sure if really "needed". opportunity to save money by going with smaller yet totally sufficient. BUT these would be sweek!!
Big Dog R754
54" 23hp Kawasaki, ZT 3100 transmissions, $4900

ZT HD 60
60", 24h Kawasaki, ZT 3100 trans. $5199

OR the smaller versions

54", 24hp kawasaki, ZT 2800 trans. $4199

Bob Cat
CRZ 61"
23hp Kawasaki, ZT 2800 trans, not sure price

CRZ 52"
21.5hp Kawasaki, ZT 2800 trans. $4300

I'm stuck on paying more for a low end commercial mower or save and get a very high end residential. I mow 3 acres of weedy country grass.currently have a Cub Zforce 50 that Im selling.
For the price of the Gravely ZT HD 60, you can get there new Pro Turn series. I was quoted $5299 for 60 inch cut with Kawasaki. Plus you get a little heavier duty hydros. I ended up paying a little more and going above the Pro Turn series to the 100 series.
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