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We picked up a used RTV 900 a little less than a year ago for a steal of a price. It was used in a cemetery in it's past life and had been traded in along with another RTV 900 to the local Deere dealer. My brother just happened to be out there a couple days after it came in. It needed some work and new rear tires, but it was all easily available parts and work that we could do. So far, the RTV has been perfect for work and play. I use it all the time for my job at a community development corporation for work around our buildings, gardens, cleanup work, plowing sidewalks, and driving around the neighborhood checking things out. It's much more efficient than driving around my F-250, and the power dump bed is super handy.

It's also great for play time. We take it for hunting and with the ATV's. It pulls on a trailer like it's not even there.

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