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Originally Posted by Outdoors_Unlimited View Post
I have had the same issue lately. I came to the conclusion though that if I want to get anything done, I have to let VM catch it.

I then screen through my calls at night, and call back the leads I'm interested in.

I have all of my yearly maintenance peoples phone numbers stored in my contacts, and call them back between job sites when I see they call. I also have the visual vm option on my phone, so I can listen to the calls from maintenance people without having to listen through all of the voicemail.

Another thing I've done is push it to clients that I use texting, and many of them understand the benefit of communicating that way.

I would say I've been handling it the best I can as an operator who works in the field.
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I try to use texting a lot. I ended up leaving a guy out in the cold last week saying I was going to do this and that and totally forgot about it, didn't mean too. I've never had these issues till last fall. Also a fault of mine is when I go into work mode I won't make or take calls. I could literally be on the phone all day I think so when that happens I go emergency only phone calls.
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