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Originally Posted by Mahoney3223 View Post
U think it does but it doesn't. $$$ rules everything. Eventually that cheaper price they've been offered will be too enticing
pffft.... my first account is still with me ....after 16 years. you do not know what you are talking about.

price can only come down so low.

every mowron starts off taking jobs at any price...then they slowly start increasing their prices as their account list grows...being able to afford to lose a few accounts due to price hike. those accounts that get 'lost' will continually deal with service turnover...thats their problem - i have none of those...ive taken them on before - try them out - when they start costing me too much time with dickering over price versus quality and experience then i lose them or just use them to fill rainy-day gaps. they usually dont even make the account list...just get penciled in.

im not saying im so friendly i can price gouge my accounts - i have the same rate others advertise - $30-$35 per man per hour.

there are a lot of mowrons out there - but they are morons with a mower - and are also likely to get out of this business as soon as Uncle Sucker checks come in - or they finally land that kwiky-mart counter job they dreamed about.

my people know im in this business for life - thats what they want - friendly - native english speaker - well-educated ....and i know my stuff. mowers can be pushed by anyone - but it takes skills to let a person know why and how you are pushing the lawnmower the way you do.

im no mowron - so if a person over 60 approaches friendly, educated and before
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