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I Know It's On Here...Best Blades & Other Cutting Questions

I know there is a thread on here somewhere about blades, but I wanted to start a new one because well I didnt want to search for the other one & I have other stuff to discuss.

First things first: Blades

Been having to sharpen my blades often lately due to new customers with high grass, and just thick grass in general. Currently I run the SCAG Marbain Standard-Lift cutter blades. My mower is new; it's a Tiger Cat 52, so these are the blades that came on the mower. I recently received a $50 gift certificate to my dealer so I'll probably be buying an extra set of the same blades from them. Unless, you guys recommend different.

Next: Quality

Been noticing a lot of stragglers lately. If I'm mowing a lawn as I mentioned that is excessively high and see them, its not as big of deal as when I'm mowing a lawn I mowed a week ago and see them. The Marbains probably arent the best blades out there and I understand that. Been seeing & hearing a lot of good things about the G6 Blades (G-series for that matter) wondering if that will help?
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