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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I do full time care of a number of estates and haven't accepted new jobs for over 20 years, other than favors... I realize that many of the LCOs are constantly on the move, from job to job and if that is how your business model operates, fine... the point is that grass seed and germination doesn't change to fit business models... you use straw and it works,,, others water 2 or 3 times a day and it fails... WHY?
the bottom line is that most LCOs are afraid to sow seed in the Spring because the formulas/information and strategies for success are incomplete...

In my business model, I must do everything to the peak of excellence in order to succeed... doing extraordinary in one area does not allow me to fail in others... last year killed a lot of turf that were w/out irrigation, so what is my solution???
Doing what works best and I learn about different things by discussing them in this forum,,, however I see that many are always wanting to get into a p****** contest about who is better and that becomes tedious,,, realquick...
So now that youknow all about me,,, what difference does it make???
So you haven't installed a New lawn?
Easy now don't get all mad I just ask a simple question is all.
You give a lot good and bad advice to people on here I just wanted know your back ground is all.
I take care a lot estates and 80% of them I installed the lawn / landscape
60% Commercial Jobs I mow I installed there Lawns/Landscape
I'm a Full service Company Since 1981.

The difference is there a lot people can talk about it but when comes down doing the work has no clue what or how to do it.
Most time they don't have right equipment to do the job the right way.

The state you are from I could see why you need to use compost to get anything to grow. I been there . From your soil I see why you need a sprinkler to keep grass growing. Seen from farm land that they use irrigation grow crops up there , like down here you don't see that much .

Like one lawn repair I did 2 weeks ago I dug down a foot never hit clay it was all black dirt clean dirt. I hauled 5 loads out of this one lawn to get the lawn to drain water.
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