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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
As a owner of a X-one and a Mini Z (the old superduty) I can assure you the Xone is well worth the money difference for the upgrades. The Xone will be a mower that will last you for a very very very very long time.
The new deck gives a very clean cut if blades are kept sharp and is a discharge machine so it will handle what ever you throw at it.
This is the kind of post he needs to read, one coming from a person with an accurate opinion. The reason I say accurate is for the fact you own both the X-ONE and the Mini Z, and can speak from experience to the difference between the two.

I have friends running the X-ONE along with their Super Z's in their lawn maintenance businesses, as a matter of fact I saw one of them cutting a smaller commercial business yesterday afternoon. There was a Super Z left sitting on the trailer, with the X-ONE being used to cut the property.

I have another friend that I attend church with, he cuts, from what I can guess by looking, around 3 ac. of personal property. He owned and operated a Hustler Super Z for many years cutting this property, but bought a new X-ONE last year. I've asked him what he thought about his X-ONE, and he told me he really liked the mower, and the only real difference he could see between his older Super Z and the X-ONE was speed, something he said could not be utilized on his property anyway, so the slower X-ONE suited his needs to a tee.
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