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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Personally for 3 open acres I wouldnt want anything less than a 60". I run a 52" and wish I had a 60" or more when cutting more than an acre.
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I personally have never owned a deck less than a 60", then moved up to a 66", and now also own a 72". It is what you get use to, I can maneuver and cut grass (including trimming) equally as well with the 66" or 72" when comparing to the 60", so I feel assured going from a 50"+ deck to a 60 would not require a learning curve, the only thing a person would notice is finish time would be faster.

I definitely agree with you, I would think in his situation there would honestly be no reason to go with anything other than a 60" deck, that is unless he is getting some type of incredible deal on the 54, and money is an object.
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