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Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
When I first started, I drove up to mow a yard and I noticed a guy was mowing with a craftsman a couple houses down with a truck with ramps in front of the house. The sign on the side of his pickup truck said "TJS JUST CUTS". I don't even think he had line trimmers or blowers.

I pull up and mow the yard, the same size as the yard he was cutting, and trimmed, blew and I was already finished, and he was still mowing.

When I was walking up to drop the invoice, I heard a horrible sound from his lawn mower deck, he pushed it over to his truck and started working on it.

I went by and smiled at him and waved and rolled down my window and said to him, "You need any help?" He looked up quick with a look ive never seen before. He had one eye closed and the other one wide open like he was mad. He told me "**** you"

I have never seen him again after that.
That's what make's a professional lawn care service compared to a fly by night!
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