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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
We have no "mow & go" properties, as easy as it is, I wish we had more but our prices are on the high end and it works for us so far. Posted via Mobile Device
I probably could get a lot of lawn maintenance like that if I lowered my prices and bumped up the number of clients. But here's the problems I see with that.

1.) I don't want to mow lawns

2.) If I price cheap I cannot afford to have half way decent workers (don't have any yet as I'm way too small) as I could only offer them peanuts for pay.

3.) Having subpar workers means more calls about problems

4.) More problems means no referrals and possible bad news spreading

5.) Being cheap means you'll be known as that, which means all you can get is cheap work....

I'm just not seeing mowing lawns as a way to have a money making business the way many things are at the moment. I'll take the ones at my price points but that means walking away from probably 80% of the potential customers. That means not getting landscape maintenance or install projects. But if they're to cheap to afford lawn maintenance can they even afford my other services.

That business VP customer of mine said this. "Don't become a commodity." Take it as you wish, but I like it... I will not be "traded" on the open market like 90% of lawn guys are.
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