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We had snow one day a couple weeks ago and then 7 days later it was 98 degrees, not much humidity but the temperature shock was insane. It has been in the 60s & 70s since then, this week was rainy and cold. I believe I suffered from heat exhaustion that day, I was practically running behind my WB doing clean ups and felt weak after working the remainder of that night until I was able to eat something. I had only drank a gallon of water during that time and that's what I normally drink in a day. The only issue I have is my gallon jug of water gets to be 100+ degrees in my truck when on a property if it's maintenance, if we're doing an install I'll have it outside and no issues.

Gatorade from the gas station is junk basically. If I do have it, it's the powder that I mix myself so I can have it diluted. I drink all water all day, even with lunch. Pop & energy drinks are horrible for you in the heat. I'll have coffee in the morning but that's it. This year I might try what the pro motocross racers primarily drink, Cytosport powder mix, similar to gatorade but without the chemicals.

For the record, I love the heat and humidity!!!
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