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Thanks venturewest. I have looked at your pond less water fall, very well done. I originally had a pond less water fall in that place that was on the natural slope. It did look more natural. But the rise was quite a bit and it needed a way larger pump to get the flow I would have liked to see and heard. I'm looking for a tree/ bush to go to the left of the water fall to hide the rock wall. To get the pond and waterfall visible from the kitchen, I had to build up that area and it looked offset from the kitchen window. But saying that I had to build up the area and the rock wall that looks out of place.. I have been planting more and more around it to hide the rock wall around it. As well as a cedar deck over top of the sediment tank and pumps and valves. I have yet to get my other pump set up to take the sediment out of the settlement tank and water the trees and plants around the tank. Hopefully by next year I will have my trees filling out and make it look more natural and hide the rock wall..
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