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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
Interlocking pavement is a great choice it's a lot easier to redo then poured concrete that will sink
My point about the excavator is that I make a good dollar doing repair work why turn it down when the work is there. Instead of telling everybody it's going to end up Costing more you could assess the job knowing there is a good base and actually do the repair work and does not have to cost three times as much to redo.
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One thing I did learn from Paver Pete is "never spend your customer's money".

the other Andrew's real reason for mentioning new excavators and toys is he was implying "i have a lotta bling, and you don't because you're selective".

Well - some of us have worked hard to get to a point where we're able to pick and choose what jobs we're interested in and what jobs we're not interested in. And the less bling we're sporting - the more selective we're able to be. If you get my drift

Just yesterday morning I was having a conservation with my Latino employees about sparkely equipment.

So Pete's comment can also relate to judging others allied to the industry by how much they spend on bling.

I will say - we have a racing trailer full of top of the line, tip top condition, shiney, sparkely bling. Compliments of wise business decisions.......
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