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I'll be damned if we are going to mow an inch over a property line. Our situation is usually the opposite of most. The neighbor realizes that our customer has a service and all of a sudden the property line jumps 10, 20, 30 feet. All of a sudden the neighbors overhanging, root exposed crab apples are on my customer property or mailbox 3 foot on the neighbors side is our problem. More often than not though it is another mow n go company that is to blame or the neighbor instructing their company such to save a few bucks, and every once in a while a lazy neighbor. In both cases they'll be the types of houses that let the weeds go 3' tall in the beds each summer. We maintain to the property line and not an inch over whether it be leaves, mowing, snow, whatever. Every minute of our day needs to be accounted for and I want no part of damage claims, broken sprinkler heads, or lost time because of this BS. It looks like garbage not my problem it's not my customers yard. No customer of mine has ever challenged that. On the other hand I frequently find my self cleaning in front of my own neighbors house because he's usually too drunk to even mow his lawn and if no one cleans the rain gutter than all the water jumps into my property and causes me some issues.
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