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Wait, somebody said $300 a yard?!?! That's crazy! I can't believe some of you guys can't get the black in certain parts of the country! That's really a shame! We offer Black, Brown(light and dark), Regular Red, Orange Red,(my least favorite) Rubber Mulch, and of course any variety/size/color of stone. Now, if a client specifies what they want, no problem... We install it how they like it(even if it isn't the best choice).. But mainly our clients leave it up to us and there is alot involved in making the final decision.... For those of you who can't get your hands on black..... There is nothing like a nice home with nice landscaping... Plenty of evergreens in the beds, really bright blue and pink perennials.. and BLACK as night mulch! It looks so darn good! The house has to be the right color though... White houses are great for black mulch... I'm telling you there Krazy, get your hands on some black and people will be calling you off the hook!(as if they aren't already! haha)
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