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Originally Posted by hi_speedreed View Post
I get a kick out of how petty neighbors can be with each other. On one street I do three houses in a row, 323-325-327. The line between 321 and 323 is a fence. I trim one side and the owner of 321 trims the other. There is no fence between 327 and 329. Every time I show up to service, the owner of 329 comes out and fires up her mower. I made a pass down the line. There is no marker.

This week I show up and in the front yard there is a strip about 2" wide and about 8' long that is about a foot tall. I guess I didn't cut over far enough last week I wish I would have taken a picture. I didn't notice before I left because she cuts the back first and I am gone before she gets to the front.
I had a neighbor do the same as 329 once, i was pissed in my head thinking how childish and imature they were for leaving 1 strip of grass there as if to prove a point to my customer that I sucked at my job or something.
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