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the calamine does hep, but i'm gonna have to get the technu stuff and give it a try. I just wish it would go away faster. I usually get some sort of skin rash on my arms once a month so far. I have to start wearing long sleeves in the future when i trim shrubs. i get in a hurry and its been hot. lol.

a buddy of mine at my old job had it, he soaked his hands in straight bleach. I won't even mention how that turned out. lol. but we had a good laugh. he was OK eventually though.

Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
Try washing your arms with bleach, mabey 20 parts bleach and 80 parts water, it will make you smell like bleach and dry your skin a little, but it pulls the poison oak oil out of your skin.

Nothing in the poision oak is abousloute, if your scared of the bleach go buy the Technu wash, its near 20$ per tube, but it does help.
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