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Originally Posted by Greg78 View Post
You can't go 3 weeks without sharpening as you noticed the blades will be pretty beat up and take a lot of time to get back into shape and you'll be removing too much material so you won't get as many sharpenings out of them.

The more often you sharpen the longer the blades will last. I change out my blades on each mower every other day which is roughly 8 hours on the blades any more than that and they tend to take longer to sharpen. I have at least 5 sets of blades for each mower so I only to sharpen blades once a week.
Originally Posted by windflower View Post
Every two weeks? I sharpen mine every day, used to carry a spare sharp set too. Sharp blades will allow you to cut faster and use less fuel in the process. Get some kind of grinder with ruby wheels. Maybe a minute per edge. The concave grind may stay sharp longer. The grass will look better, less brown on the cut edge. The blades will only weaken if seriously over heated. Even then they would only dull faster. After three weeks w/o sharpening the trailing edge is probably sharper than the leading edge.

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