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I've cut a dog park off and on for several years. The committee meets, they decide they want to save money, I'm fired. Soon as the thermometer goes up, brand X quits, or only does part, I get the call again. They asked me to bid again this year. Some low baller got it...again. I have no interest in doing it cheap. Either they pay me well to deal with their poo, or I'll gladly sit it out. Every single time it requires a HUGE clean up. If they call me back again, I'm charging per pound for poo. You want to lower your costs huh? I'm not exaggerating to say one clean up was over 50 lbs. what's a fair price per lb.?
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Got the call today. They want me back. I'm glad to get the call back, but I want the March April May cuts, not just June July August.

Haven't seen how screwed up it is yet. Each time somebody cuts corners somewhere leaving me playing catch up, usually in the heat.
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