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Originally Posted by macgyver_GA View Post
My hands forearms and hands don't ache after hours of operation. I can actually do a zero turn on it rather than pivoting off one wheel. If i want to reverse, all I have to do is pull back on the controls, as opposed to my belt drive, I had to stop the machine, lock one of the brakes while holding the other to put the gear selector in reverse then start moving again. Also, no having to change gears. The further I let the controls out, the faster I go. Also, the floating deck is easy to adjust on the fly (no stacking spacers) and it scalps less.
Took the words out of my mouth.

The worst part of the belt drive is downhill slopes. You have to control your speed using the brakes and that really sucks. That and gear driven transmissions are cumbersome and limit production.
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