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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
What makes you think I was in business for 20 years??? I didn't "quit" renovations , I Finished... the idea of working as a full maintenance in one neighborhood means that I don't take on new clients or lawns that need renovation... mine are all done now...

I didn't realize that the expression, "getting bent out of shape", was also an expression used in MO...

They started with irrigation in "the sands" for potatoes, back in the 60s... Ore-Ida and Del-Monte both require irrigation in order to contract with the growers... no time for crop failure or reduced yeild when planning their expected demand for the upcoming year...
So are you Solo ?
Have any one neighborhood renovation photos?

That's kool on the irrigation, wasn't sure what was growing when I was up there in the fall. I know seen some fields was corn but some was empty

I must been reading wrong. So how long have you been in business then?
What is your company name?
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