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Yeah, its just corn.

THe stuff i have been experimenting with is actually rolled corn...but im sure cracked corn is the same thing. Its just corn that has been crushed or cracked and its mostly broken kernels but there are some whole kernels..i have found a few corn sprouts here and there, but after a couple of mowings they were gone.

I pay 10.00 for 40 kg(88lbs) at the local feed store.

I am new to this corn fertilizer thing so i am just relaying my observations. I applied the corn in early may at 10 lbs/thousand sq ft, then another 20lbs/thousand in mid august. In the meantime the grass around here is dormant....we have had very little rain around here. So i am waiting for a good soaking rain.

THere was definite improvement in the turf before it went dormant so i expect some good results when we get some rain.
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