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Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
Someone else asked about the Turbo Force. My experience is that it is not as strong as either in their respective areas. However it is a good universal deck. I find the newer ones to be much better than the old. I find it to be closer to it's red cousin, but shares some wet discharge traits with it orange friend.
I own all three, Turbo Force, Ultra Cut, and Velocity and I can tell you from experience the Turbo Force shares absolutely no wet discharge traits of the Velocity. It starts throwing huge clumps at the mere mention of moisture.

Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
We like our red Exmark and Toros, but if we had to cut large expanses of tall fescue than I would still have a Velocity and deal with the added maintenance and repairs.
I do cut large expanses of tall fescue and yes, I would agree with you that the Velocity is superior to the Exmark and Toro for my application. As for maintenance and repairs, I shouldn't have to deal with that for much longer as I am weeding out the Exmark and Toro ZTR's. All of my walk behinds are Exmark and I do believe they are still the best in that area.
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