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Originally Posted by RyanA97 View Post
Hi, I'm wanting to upgrade from my craftsman handheld blower to a backpack blower for my neighborhood business. What are the advantages of a backpack blower. I'm looking into the Stihl Br-600
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If you buy a top tier BP like the BR600 or RM 8500, you won't believe the difference between them and what you are using now. It's way more than night and day. The BP's are so fast for leaves compared to a hand held, and for lots of clippings etc they save you a ton of time. Plus, your arm doesn't tire out holding a hand held blower out to your side. I've owned a bunch of BP's and still have a Stihl SH85 hand held for certain apps. I've used that SH85 a ton over the years, but once I bought a BP, it started sitting more and more.
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