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Originally Posted by dathorpe View Post
I own all three, Turbo Force, Ultra Cut, and Velocity and I can tell you from experience the Turbo Force shares absolutely no wet discharge traits of the Velocity. It starts throwing huge clumps at the mere mention of moisture.
Setting has a lot to do with that. The new models are real good compared to barely adequate from even a few years ago. I haven't gone to measure and compare, but a noticeable difference is the spindle mount changed. I personally put 3 days of wet lawns through a turbo force this week and my guys put theirs through ultra cuts and turbos, and the only ones that were an issue were the only 3 lawns I have allowed to do their own fert with Scott's. Sure double cutting and some blowing the rest, but no real issues. Some single cutting too, but none of mine could have been any better with any other mower. For reference though we are talking all standers and wb's. We did away with riders a few years ago because of weight issues, compaction, etc. The right mower with the right operator produces just as much as any 60 rider ever did, at nearly half the expense and half the issues.
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