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I did go to an ag school but studied aerospace engineering. For 5 years I lived in the dorm across from the ornamental horticulture unit at Cal Poly in Pomona, CA. That's about the limit of my academic credentials. I spent many an afternoon over there instead of studying. When I married, my wife decided to get a degree in ornamental horticulture, so I helped her study. There's no explanation for it but I still remember way more than I have a right to. I also have a masters in reliability engineering with sort of a minor in biomedical engineering. My last job was as a reliability engineer making policy for all the jet engines in the Air Force.

I've been organic since retiring in April 2001. I realize that isn't a very long time, but I do read a lot. I'm also not so proud to admit when I'm wrong. I've learned a lot from being wrong.

San Antonio is sort of the Compost Valley of the world. Something has attracted a lot of very proactive organic interest here. We have several huge compost manufacturers around here and 6 hours of radio air time devoted to organic gardening on weekends. One of these manufacturers alone makes enough compost to cover 800 golf courses from the 1st tee to the 18th hole per year. So we sort of feed on each other.
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