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HaHa! No worries man! All depends on where you are... Most dunks are franchised.... So in a rural area, one guy might own 3 or 5 of em... But in a heavily poplulated area, with dunks on every corner, some guys own 50 of em.... Just gotta do your homework, walk in one and ask for the owners contact info and go from there... Seems like now-a-days every other place is so different... corporate ownership, franchise, private start up... But one thing is certain, somebody in that building has a phone # for the owner and I'm not leaving until I get it... Now, there are a lot of threads on here about places like Lowe's and Target and Walmart and such and these places are different... These places are so corporate that they use property preservation type services or middlemen and while I have read good things about these companies, I have read some bad things as well... Also, some places have an open bidding season and some places rely on the discretion of the owner(these types of places are great for my aformentioned bring in pictures technique)... But either way in CAN NEVER hurt to drop in and introduce yourself and leave a biz card.....
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