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To be clear, Tecnu isn't for "relief", it's for washing the oil off your skin after contact.
Any time I think it was at all possible that I MAY have hit some with the string trimmer, I wash off with Tecnu.
The hazards of wearing shorts - string trimmer debris on the left leg.
My frickin' ankle is itching right now.

When I get the full-blown blistery-pustules ( ) I spray it with Ivy Dry.
It helps a little and works to dry it up a bit.
The nice thing is that I can spray it on in the field while working throughout the day.
More convenient than having to apply a lotion.

I do have the "block" that I can apply prior to working in an area I know has poison ivy,
but I tend to just avoid doing that in the first place.
I've passed on a few jobs when I noted large amounts of poison ivy.
Losing days of work due to a bad case of poison ivy is no fun at all.
(with my worst case, I slept for MINUTES at a time - I got no rest and was in PAIN. It was horrible)

For relief from the itching, I find Sarna lotion to work fairly well.
It smells "medicated", but don't bother with the "odorless" version - it's useless. It instantly "cools" the area and provides some relief.

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