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Older folks like short grass so they don't trip and fall. For these PITA types I only tolerate low mowed grass below 2.5" if it is a lawn I can efficiently mow with my TimeMaster 30. 2.5" is my low mow for fall.

One retired lady insists I mow her KBG at 1.5" and I have to bag. Again if I can't comply using my TimeMaster 30 and the lawn flat out has to be smallish ....I quit the account.

I mow my own KBG lawn here at the house @ 3.5" to 4.5".

I personally always drift towards 3.25" for most of my accounts with KBG. Honestly 3.0" is too short.

Most of the lawn jockeys and yard monkeys in my area scalp mow. I'm a rebel.
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