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like brules said I multiply by about a million :

Advantages: Everything

Disadvantages: You will wonder why you never had one before

its all about the power . it gigantically speeds up clean up

and you can really dust off all kinds of areas around home like patios n porches that you don't even get grass on . and blow off cob webs from under porch awnings or up in garage door corners . can blow stuff in street into a pile to then quickly sweep up keeping street clean . the extra stuff you can do with a powerful blower shall make your customers very happy . just get that blower on and think ' what would I dust off if this were my home ' . don't forget to blow dust off parked cars

weve ran redmax blowers 15 years , the entire time the 7001 model and its a MASTER PEICE = powerful / rugged / maintenance free . got the big 8005 one 2 years ago and I have to admit I love the big power , it really rocks and makes heavy blows like wet leaves or a lot of wet grass WAY easier . plus blowing thatch outta turf , it really blasts it out of there . but the bigger tube compared to the 7001 I don't like because its more difficult to hold onto . but im used to it I guess now and run the 8005 everyday over the 7001 because I can do a lot more plus faster with it . and I only have average size hands , persons with larger hands wouldn't mind larger size at all . yes it comes with side handle attatchment but I hate those and remove

anyway get a backie YOU WONT REGRET IT + GET A REDMAX YOU WONT REGRET IT . but if do keep it secure on job sites because theyre easy targets for thieves
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