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Originally Posted by dathorpe View Post
Well if all I cut were medium to small residential yards, I'd agree with you and I guess I'd still be all Exmark and Toro because I do believe the Exmark hydro WB's are the best money can buy. But I have large estates to maintain with vast wide open areas that can only be maintained with riders. That's without question. And for that, I feel the choice is the Turf Tiger.
Size is all perception. Out largest is a hair over an acre, most are around 20k, some are 3-5k or multiple areas of that size. Our largest run is maybe 200ft. Now there are lawns in this area like a local monestary that has a front lawn that runs what has to be over a half mile maybe a full one, but because it's up on a hill you can see all of it from the road. For that alone I would run a TT. The guy that cuts it has been doing it for ever. When he checkers it it plays tricks with the eyes.
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