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Well if you already know everything what seems to be the problem, you got it all figured out, so why are you even asking?
What's the matter, can't you, the great Poom-bah, click that mouse left over right and Abracadabra up some work?
Why not?

The problem is you are so full of yourself and your ego is so over-inflated that it's a wonder you have even ten customers, but in the end they all see it too, and failure is not only likely to be your only option but maybe it will actually do some good, thou I kind of doubt it will be enough to bring you down to the level where you need to be in order to run a successful business.

It isn't all about figures and knowing how to do this, or that.
Certainly those things help but it's about you and your personality too.
You come across as the next ******* who just fell off the banana truck.
That is why you are experiencing problems.

Let me clue you in...
Maybe you're smart and have all the money and maybe you're good looking, too.
But customers will hire the guy who works hard and is down to earth first, even if his T-shirt is ripped up and shaking his hand makes yours smell of dog poo, because even today more than a few of us remember the days of the worst recession we just went through, what got us there, and how we got ourselves back out.

And you or someone else can report me to the moderators for saying it like it is, too, because I don't care.

Thank you now.

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