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Originally Posted by reliablelawn View Post
Coming from a finance major at MSU, business classes will only get you so far. If you are looking for a "business class or two" you will be forced to take a basic Marco/micro econ or a basic corporate accounting class most likely. These courses have little to no practice application to real world small business owners. Good basic knowledge to know? Yes. Game changer for running a business? I could not count on it.
All due respect, Reliable, but taking some select business courses CAN be a game changer for running a business. Enrolling at a local community college gives you the option of choosing which classes you take. Micro/Macro economics is not one of them.... Business Mgt, Sales, or even Marketing are all good areas to gain some knowledge for running your business.

With knowledge comes power. And in this case, the power to make educated decisions that can only help you grow your business.
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