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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I am solo, along with my wife who is also self-employed in her own right and solo...
there was a company name when the business was incorporated with my son years ago, but since he's gone back to the 9-5 routine,,, the corporation was killed, so no more company name...

The clients in this neighborhood would probably not appreciate their lawns and gardens being photographed and plastered onto the internet, so I only do anonomous close-up shots of whatever it is I'm interested in...

There are some nice areas of dormant seeding that came through well and other areas that produced nothing... neither are worth photographing and once I finally get the Springtime activities caught up I'll be back to planting grass in the non-productive areas... the h.o.s definately allowed some very nice areas to die off last year and now I'll be all Summer long trying to get them back...
So you are not running a your city business License.
You can keep the company name if you drop the corporation part. I know a guy that drop the Inc and running LLC

You don't to have take pic of the house just the lawn
How many customers do you take care off.
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