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Thanks Mike for that link. I only had a problem with one sentence possibly being misunderstood.

Its nitrogen content adds significant value to corn gluten meal as an herbicide, but it cannot stand alone as a good natural fertilizer alternative.
Actually it really can stand completly alone as a good natural fertilizer, but I suggest that for professional care givers, it not be used routinely. For one reason, the cost (except in Ohio and Kentucky) is prohibitive. Secondly, THAT STUFF IS FREAKIN' ROCKET FUEL FOR GRASS!

Three weeks after applying it at 20-40 pounds per 1,000, you will have dark green grass up to your knees every week for a month or two. The herbicidal rates are completely outrageous compared to the 10-20 pounds normally suggested for 1,000 foot fertilizer apps. With this stuff I usually suggest using it at a rate of 5-10 pounds per 1,000 square feet to fertilize.

Oops! I forgot to mention that corn meal and corn GLUTEN meal are two different product. I'll cover that in a FAQ I'm writing for this forum.
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