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Hey there Herler,
Not sure if you have been drinking and posting again but you are really making no sense at all...... If this gentleman is so full of himself, and his ego is self inflated, why is he here on a forum asking people for advise? Last time I checked, asking for advice was the complete opposite of being full of one's self. How do you know anything about this gentleman's personality? I would love to know how you came to the conclusion that this gentleman is "the next ****** that fell off the banana truck".... Really, please expand on your understanding of this person that you have never met and has only posted here 8 times.... You, on the other hand, are completely transparent. We are sorry Herler, if you have not been graced with good looks or have never been successful in life or business.. But you can't carry these grudges around forever and take them out on people who come to forums for advice. Quite frankly, it's disgruntled scrubs like you that scared all of the good folks out of this forum.. I mean, the recession? Who was discussing anything remotely close to the recession? Really, how much of that bottle did you drink this morning before you posted? Oh yeah, keep giving people those dog $&*# handshakes, I'm sure that is working great for you...
Bottom Line Guy..... P.M me anytime bud... I love to talk the biz and don't let this scrub sour your L.S experience. There are still lots of us on here that are legit business owners with experience and are willing to chat.......
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