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Originally Posted by BottomLINEGuyNY View Post
Just signed up here..

Nice to have you guys here.

Sadly i came here out of desperation..

One month ago i quit my job in sales/marketing of 12 years,i simply couldnt take the walking on eggshells,the sheer lowness of human kind i was constantly surrounded with..

I decided to take a u turn in my life (35yo) buy some new lawn equipment and start a lawn care business.Two ferris zero turns blowers,trailers..Have everything i need for now.

I live in the more affluent part of my city,and neighbor a town which is pretty much known as the elite as far as neighborhoods,but the lawn care competition is stiff. Im learning this very quickly.

In my month of being in business ive managed to gain ten accounts,almost all due to me being able to build a website quick and get some adwords up.

But that's it.... Something got messed up with my google account and the calls have stopped..

Its been two weeks since ive gained a client.So i came here...

I sent out 5000 6x9 flyers via eddm retail,on thursday and i asked that they be delivered friday..SInce its saturday and i havent received a phone call,being a spaz i assume the worst and feel i need to step up my game to gain some clients...

Sorry about the long read.I need help.I have a wife and a son and a home i need to support,ive always been the breadwinner,and now making zilch.I will take any advice someone can give me on getting new business....

Is there a trick,a secret you guys have that i dont know about? If so will someone share it? Seriously though..What can i do? im willing to try pretty much anything...

Without a marketing plan your hands are really tied at this point. There is not one form of marketing that works alone, it all works together. It can take years to build a good customer base and brand. Here are a couple quick things you can do to get going this late.

1. Get active in your community.
2. Hand out business cards everywhere.
3. Hang flyers and business cards at all town hot spots.
4. Cold calling
5. Door to door
6. Introduction letters in highend nieghborhoods
7. Ad in local paper
8. Networking events
9. Door hangers
10. Church news letter

Again, next season you will need an actuall marketing plan and I hope you already have a business plan? But this should get you started this season and on a budget.
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