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Most tandem trucks can't do 40,000 payload. The truck has to gross 70,000 lbs so not enough axles. The tare is 30,000 on my tri-axle. Like you said 46 and 20 is 66 so still not enough. Most trucks have 44 rears plus 20 front so 64 minus 30 tare is 34 which leaves about 15 tons. My 89 is a tandem that will do 15 tons all day but for hire out purposes I use my 2001 Mack tri-axle with a over weight permit.

You get paid by the ton or yard most of the time so bigger is better.

Insurance is not cheap but don't have number because it is part of my whole package. Registration is over $500 just for plates.

If I had to guess I would say at least $3000 for a dump truck for insurance. I am a lot older than you I bet with multiple vehicles, clean license.

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