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Hey Brandon over the past few days I've read your entire forum. It was really cool to kind of see your business grow over the two seasons on this forum. I have to say you're honestly living the exact life I've been dreaming of. Lol. I'm only 18 and only in my second year of business. I'm in a much smaller town than you and there is much less of a market in my area. I do plan on moving to a GREAT area within the next few years so I'm hoping to have as much success as you in my next few years. Anyway....sorry for the long post, but i have a few things i hope you'll help me with if you will. First off, how do those small push broadcast spreaders work for you? I have pretty big properties in my area (some 3 acres and up), and just can't imagine pushing that spreader through the whole yard. What do you think? Brandon, and anyone for that matter, any help, tips, or advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!!

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