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Originally Posted by FlawlessLawns View Post
Yeah. I'm just going to be getting in to fertilizing soon and i don't wanna make a bunch of purchases that aren't justifiable yet. I also need advice on how to develop a fert program for each individual property. I haven't learned all the numbers and such yet. Thanks for the reply logan!
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The spreaders i have are like $100 bucks and they are horrible i just have my guys bow threw it with them theyve been good for me the last 2 years but they suck haha. I reccommend spending a little more money and getting a big one which would be $250 which i bought in fall of last year which works great. The little ones just arent good. I have a lot of fertilizing to do every year so i may be looking into getting a ride on spreader next season not sure yet but we will see. And i will give you one word of advice when you get more clients do not get overwhelmed with it all and get frustrated because once that happens your screwed. I started small and now im up to over 90 clients so things are pretty hectic but you just have to stay focused and manage everything and schedule everything out! Good luck with your business!
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