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A .org? Really?

And this would be why I never barter. I have yet to seen a perfectly balanced barter arrangement.

I'm more of a sales/marketing guy than a web guy, so here are my thoughts on the copy:
- doesn't Men's Wearhouse do the whole 'you're gonna love the way you look, we guarantee it?"
- I'm struggling w/ some of the white text over the grass photo
- under "see our work" I click a photo, expecting something, and it just enlarges it and doesn't appear to give me a way to get back EXCEPT the browser's back button. That's not great. Just make them non-clickable. I really didn't need a bigger pic telling me about a sale on TP
- speaking of the pics, re: the one of the home with the boxwood hedge - you're missing an opportunity. If I can click on that and it takes me to a page where you explain what you did, that's a good sales tool and (done right) good for SEO. As it stands, I'm left wondering: did you do the install? Do you mow this one? Did you just do the mulch? Don't make me guess what you did because I'll guess wrong and be frustrated when, at the sales consultation, I find that out.
- I like your About page. Clearly if I call for an estimate I'm getting you, so I appreciate getting to know you on that page. Well done.
- the other sales copy on your site is just meh. You're saying the same things every other company says. I mean, you're hitting all the right notes and saying all the things we expect, but I'm sure the consumer has an element of "but the last six guys all said they're creative, customer service focused, and have attention to detail." Know what I mean?
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