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A good way I have found to figure these deals is - equipment is worth what its worth and the accounts are worth about 10% of their yearly value. That is to say if the clients are staying, how long are they contracted and do the contracts transfer to you when he leaves. One time jobs are hard to value, you wont get them back but a good company can estimate how many they might get every year. I would not value these very high. Long term transferable agreements are always more valuable. Having worked for him is a great insight into the workings and value but remember it gives you some disadvantages also. It will be harder to press him for a better price and criticize the things that take away value from the deal. You wont be an employee you will be an owner and with that step up you have to think about your business. You have to get a good deal to make it a good deal if you know what I mean. I was in your exact situation and ended up passing on everything, opening my own shop and surpassing what i would have made very quickly. It was a hard choice but it just wasnt a good deal for me. Hope I helped.
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